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How To Get Water Out Of Charging Port

How To Get Water Out Of Charging Port
Your phone has been exposed to water, and it won’t charge up or turn on anymore? Don’t panic—there are several things you can do to try and get your phone working again. Whether you dropped your phone in the sink, toilet, or pool, or spilled some water on it by accident, there are some simple steps you can take to try and get your device working again. Read on to find out what you can do!

When does water damage occur

Unfortunately, water damage can occur for a variety of reasons. Just think about all of those items that end up in your electronics, like tea and coffee, as well as other fluids. When liquids are allowed to get inside devices, they can wreak havoc on them over time. One common symptom is when a phone doesn't hold a charge anymore. If you notice that your device doesn't last as long or is taking longer than usual to charge and think you may have liquid inside it, here are some steps you can take before taking a trip to an Apple Store or technician

What are the causes

The most common cause is dirt or other solid foreign objects becoming lodged in your phone’s charging port. If you haven’t had your phone for very long, don’t worry: The simple act of plugging and unplugging a charger can be enough to loosen any trapped material. If that doesn’t work, try blowing compressed air into your port with a canister, or soak your phone in rice for 24 hours. See instructions below

What can you do about water in the charging port

First, try cleaning your phone with a toothbrush and dry rice or silica gel packets. The reason for using rice is that it draws moisture out of electronics because rice is a natural desiccant. You could also use a desiccant like kitty litter or desiccant packets that come in shoe boxes. After putting an ample amount of desiccant inside your phone, place some on top of your iPhone (make sure not to get any in any other part of your device) and let it sit overnight. Remove any leftover material from your phone in the morning and plug in your charger. If you continue to have trouble after trying these tips, contact Apple for further help.

If your phone gets wet, the first thing you should do is turn it off and take out the battery so that no more current passes through the phone's circuitry. You'll have to let it dry out for 24 hours before putting the battery back in or turning it on again, but if you're worried about water in the charging port, there are things you can do to attempt to get it out as quickly as possible. 

Summary and Conclusion

So that should help you fix your wet phone. Before we conclude, I’d like to remind you that there are a number of very good reasons why not to let water into your phone, even if you think that it may be a lot less than what comes in. The first reason is pretty obvious and basic: getting water into your charger cable can ruin it and make charging and syncing impossible. Second, water damage is one of those things that can lead to sudden, unexpected death (and by death, I mean permanent shutdown with no possible return). Third, depending on where exactly in your device you get water or dirt into it, you might end up damaging something important like a circuit board or a connection.

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