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How To Get Boyfriend To Shave Mustache

Shaving mustache

If you love your boyfriend, but you’re not crazy about his mustache, then he might be willing to shave it off. Of course, convincing him to do so might take some time and patience on your part, so consider these tips for how to convince your boyfriend to shave his mustache if you can’t wait any longer.

A full mustache can be attractive, but it can also be a big turnoff to many women (and some men). The look might be in at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that everyone wants their man to sport one. In order to win over your boyfriend or husband who’s growing one, you have to have an understanding of why he grew one in the first place and what you can do to convince him to shave it off. Here are some tips on how to get boyfriend to shave his mustache.

Your boyfriend has a mustache? And he won’t shave it off? Do you want him to get rid of that awful mustache, but he doesn’t want to? Maybe he thinks it looks good. Well, this article will help you figure out how to convince your boyfriend to get rid of his mustache. This article covers the different methods you can use and the steps you should take in order to make your boyfriend shave off his mustache once and for all!

Ways to Change His Mind

How can you convince your boyfriend that his mustache needs to go? Depending on how invested he is in keeping it, there are several methods that could work. Since we’re going off of hypotheticals here, let’s assume that he’s willing to listen. Here are some ways you might be able to persuade him otherwise

Nail Down Your Case For No Mustache

Think about what it is you really don’t like about your boyfriend’s facial hair. Do you find it unprofessional? Is he not taking care of himself? Does it remind you of someone unpleasant or your ex? Be as specific as possible. Not only will it help you make a more convincing argument, but if there are particular arguments that work better with him—perhaps he was once teased for his peach fuzz in high school—you can tailor your message accordingly. Once he hears them from you, chances are he’ll be open to hearing them again from someone else—like his boss or anyone else who might hold influence over him.

Explain That He Looks Better Without It

If you want your man to get rid of his facial hair, it’s best not to come at him with an ultimatum or raise concerns about how he looks. Instead, try explaining that you think he’d look better without it, or offering up a couple of options and asking him which one he prefers. A gentleman will respect your opinion and appreciate that you are trying (and succeeding) in making him happy.

Don’t Lie About Having A Mustache Crush

If your boyfriend is shy about his hairy situation, you may be tempted to tell him you don’t mind. But let’s get real here: No one likes their partner shaving—especially if it means lying about not liking it. This will make both of you feel uncomfortable and put pressure on a partnership that should (ideally) be built on trust and mutual respect. Instead, say something like: I understand that your facial hair is important to you, but I would really appreciate it if you shaved while we were together. I want us both to look our best during dates so we can spend as much time with each other as possible.

Why Getting Rid of His Mustache Will Actually Boost His Confidence

It’s sad, but true—for many men, keeping that mustachioed mane is really all about appearance. If they think they look good with it, then they will probably be reluctant to part with it. Get him on board by showing him that shaving makes his facial features pop and may even make him appear slimmer. You can also tell him that having less hair around his mouth could make kissing more enjoyable for both of you!


It’s not easy to convince a boyfriend to shave his mustache when he looks so handsome with it and you’re in love with the way it makes him look, but there are ways to convince him. You just have to know how to work your magic on him, and what will appeal to his mindset of wanting to keep his mustache even though you want him to get rid of it. Here are some ways you can convince your boyfriend to shave off his mustache.

It’s not hard to convince your boyfriend to shave if you can reach him before he starts growing the mustache out, but if he’s in love with his mustache and won’t budge, your best bet might be to make some changes yourself. Here are three ways to get your man to shave his mustache, whether he wants to or not!

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