NPM governorship aspirant promises development for Kwara


Kwara, NPMNEW Progressive Movement (NPM) governorship aspirant in Kwara state, Alhaji Abdulazeez Oniyangi, has said that his administration will focus on three prongs of education, health care and agricultural development of the state.

Speaking when he was received by his supporters and admirers in Ilorin at the weekend, Alhaji Oniyangi said that, if elected, he expected people of the state to take his administration to task periodically on his written promises to ascertain how well he had lived up to the promise.

The NPM governorship aspirant said that unhindered access to qualitative and affordable education with relevant infrastructures liberates the minds of a people and sets them on the path to greatness without necessarily having to stoop low for their fellow human beings to survive and do well in life.

“Guaranteed and affordable healthcare facilities ensure a healthy and productive populace with much-extended life expectancy from birth through the entire gamut of life.

Agriculture not only sustains life, but guarantees survival of our people, provision of sustainable jobs, boosts and sustain the local economies of our communities, grows our GDP as a state, connects our people with mother nature, puts food on our table as well as give us overall confidence as a people of vast agricultural resources and potentials. These we promise to do and we will be seen to do”, he said.

He also promised to be open and reachable to the people, saying that ignorance makes a man, in power, to isolate and estrange himself from the source of such powers.

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The governorship hopeful said that the 16 Local Government Areas of the state shall be made to work and integrated with the state government to spread developments around, evenly, for the greater good of all.

“We are aware of the fact that certain communities in our state are already almost pledging themselves to be colonised by Oyo state because of obvious life-threatening neglect by series of irresponsive governments and governance styles. This must and will be stopped.

Our assemblage of indigenous technocrats from home and the diaspora are already putting the blueprints together to make this good news happen by the grace of God.

“We will work to create more jobs, improve well being of our people, give tax administration a human face, boost of IGR, use of fiscal and monetary economic management tools responsibly and grow our economy realistically and steadily. This we promise you In sha Allah.

“Our Party, The New Progressive Movement, NPM, might be viewed as a new party, but it’s a party without any hindering or limiting baggage. Hence making it easy for us to fly and soar unhindered; thus giving us the ability to deliver on above promises”, he said.

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