I accept to serve you: Akintola, AD guber candidate, pledges to Osun indigenes


AkintolaLast weekend several members of Alliance for Democracy and party leaders gathered at the Technical College in Osogbo for the official Flag off for the campaign and the official handing over of the party’s flag to the duo of the governorship candidate of the party and Architect Olugbenga Akintola and his deputy, Mr Akeem Bello.

Dignitaries from all walks of lives such as Pa Mojisoluwa Akinfenwa, former Commissioner for Education during the regime of the erstwhile governor of the old Oyo State, late Chief Bola Ige, and Afenifere and Alliance for Democracy stalwart, Osun State Chairman of the Alliance for Democracy and a former commissioner under the Bisi Akande led governor of Osun state between 1999-2003, Mr Fakunle Olapade, The Director General, campaign, Atunse 2018, Mr Yinka Oyinlola and the Media Director of Atunse 2018, Mr Niyi Omotoso to mention but few of the supporters who thronged the venue from nooks and crannies of the State.

In his speech: ‘The awaiting Governor’ said that his ready to face the challenges ahead of him if voted into power and accept the responsibilities attached to the office in his speech titled: I Accept.

Read his speech:


 With all humility, I am honoured and grateful for the trust and confidence you have given me to be the party’s flag bearer in the forthcoming governorship election. I thank each and everyone who has supported, guided and placed their faithful in us to represent the true Progressives.

I am more humbled because of the privilege to continue with the programme of life more abundant as designed and implemented by Baba Awolowo and Uncle Bola Ige.

I accept the flag of our party at a moment when 4.2million ‘Osunians’ are in battle for day-to-day survival. I accept the flag of our Party when the debt of Osun State is more than 200 billion. I accept the flag of our party when the debt of Osun state is more than 200billion. I accept the flag of our party when our hard-working citizens have been turned to beggars because of 34 months half –salary.

I am mindful of the faith of our pensioners who have been given Osun 30-35 years of their productive lives but are unable to enjoy their retirement because of backlog of unpaid pensions.

I am mindful that our youth cannot get jobs because there is none for them. I am mindful that they have subjected our ‘Omoluabi citizens’ to abject poverty and chained them to the bottom of the economic ladder.

I, therefore, stand here today humbled by the privilege given to me to bring Atunse (rebuilding to the repressive and oppressive conditions of Osuninans. Whatever is good does not require Atunse, my people; we need to rebuild Osun by putting people back at the centre of development. Our Atunse Agenda puts Osunians at the centre of the economic development and human capital investment.

Our focus will be how to maximize the human and natural resources for Osun state to prosper. We must eliminate the burden of loans that was recklessly taken on our behalf. We must change the situation that our average monthly revenue is 2billion but we spend averagely 6.42 billion per month.

We must give our retirees their pension that they can enjoy comfort in their old age. We must give our youth the necessary tools to function in the 21st century and in any capacity that Nigeria and the world demands of them.

It is imperative to industrialise our state so that more jobs are available and we can raise the living standards of our people. It is imperative for our entrepreneur women and men to prosper. It is imperative for our primary health centres to have personnel and medication so that our people can be healthy. It is imperative for our farmers to have reason to remember the good old days of pride in their labour as agriculture sector will feed our people and industries.

Good old days! The good old days of Awolowo and Bola Ige are back. AD is the Orisun (the source) party. As a reminder, to our dear citizens, a river that forgets its source eventually dries up. Our state has been drying up in the last 15years since AD left government-no wonder there is so much suffering in our state. Every Omoluabi who has memories of the beginning, since Awolowo appreciates that it was better than this.

There is Atunse because our situation is man-made and there are man-made solutions. From the tributaries of Osun River let wealth flow across our state! From the valley of Esa-Odo, Osun’s wealth will rise up! From Ikirun hills and Ikoyi mountains to Erin-Ijesa waterfalls, or from any heights, AD is alive to bring prosperity down to Osun state! AD is alive to give a gift of life that will make a difference in people’s lives. AD is alive to build on legacy of Awolowo and Bola Ige. AD is alive to ensure a prosperous future for our children. On September 22, look for our star! Let AD shine on Osun table!

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