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6 Best Cuddly Animals To Keep As Pets

Pets at home

Pets are good. Having them is better, having an interesting one is best. It is indeed dutiful to keep and maintain pets at home.

Kids love them, they keep them company...

Adult wants them, because the kids became adult.

Have you ever wish to keep an animal as companion? Tender and cute...

Though, having pets at home is a big commitment and maintenance. Not today, keeping pet has been a fantastic move widely.

So, we've gathered here the best and easiest animals to keep as pets; from hamsters to dogs.


Hamster as Pet

Hamster is a real deal of pet, playful and cuddly. Low cost of maintenance but need a fair amount of care. Taking hamster as a pet would make your kid even more caring. 

Hamsters are small and cute, furry and exceptional companion. Though, they are confined to cage which needs regular cleaning.

If you are considering having a pet, then you should see to having hamster included in your list. On average, hamsters have a short lifespan.

Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig as Pet

One other big thing around is Guinea Pig. Guinea pigs are one of the best types of pets for kids because they're small and full of personality.

These adorable rodents need regular brushing and playtime. They do best when they have a guinea pig friend to keep them company.

They are indeed a bundle of curiosity and this behavior sometimes turn out to be a big responsibility for a pet owner.


Bird as Pet

So intelligent and social pets, birds. Not all birds are ideal as pets but a very handful of them are. One sort is parrot. Talkative, colourful and social.

They tends to adapt quickly to owners' environment but its arduous for owners too to understand what's up with them at times. But its fun to have bird like parrot as pet.

Birds really appreciate the time to play and bond. In fact, you may want to consider having more than one so your feathered friend doesn't get too lonely. 

The average lifespan of birds varies from choice and type, but expectancy should be 3 years up.


Rabbit as Pet

One pet so beautiful and calm is rabbit. Rabbits are adorable social animal highly suitable as pet. They are cuddly and tender, interesting to watch.

Rabbits need plenty of stimulation. Letting rabbits out of their cage should be once in a while, you should keep a watchful eye on it! 

More so, they have low maintenance standard but in more ways than one need care and supervision.

Rabbits have an average lifespan of 9 years.


Cat as Pet

There is no doubt about it, you're gonna enjoy your company with cat.

Cats can be very affectionate, but they're also very independent. This particular type of pet is great if you want a furry friend to cuddle but aren't ready to take on all the responsibility.

Having a cat is still a big commitment, though. Cats have an average lifespan of 10 years.


Dog as Pet

Dogs are indeed the easiest and best pet to have. Kids and adults really love to have them around, to help and to play with.

Dog varies by breeds, so actualising the right one that works with your family is fun either. No matter your preferential, you will probably find a dog suitable for yourself and works.

Moreover, taking care of this particular type of pet requires a substantial amount of time and money. Dogs need regular exercise, grooming and training, and they can't be left alone for extended periods of time.

Average lifespan of dogs 12 years.

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