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Love Messages - 30 Love Messages Your Lover is Expecting Now

Love messages are sent to loved ones to express a bit of love.

Text love messages to remind him or her how special he is, or how adorable she is... The much more you love her, the level of your affection to him.

Love Messages

Sweet love messages you do need is comprehensively documented here.

Sincere and passionate love messages you can is and to the your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Sweet Love Messages

#Love-Message 1. Tears are ever gone from my eyes

Scars are ever healed off my heart

Gorgeous ever, my life appears with you

So I am sticking with you no more goodbyes!

I love you.

#Love-Message 2. Some found true love, some heartbreak

Some found joy and some so much sorrow

Some live it large, some are like specks in the dust,

And I have it all because I have this lovely you.

Meeting you was just a privilege. I love you.

#Love-Message 3. At the absence of the sun the darkness brags

With the stopping of the rain, the summer shines

No matter how much the world change

My love for you will forever remain.

I am loving you until the end of time.

#Love-Message 4. A word from you gives more meaning to my love

And if I'll choose anything, it's you my love

Take it or leave it, you're my very best

And together, in love, we will reach love's crest.

#Love-Message 5. Your love is my daily freak!

If I don't get to see you, I might just fall sick

All day without you just make me weak

And without a word from you, all of me get bleak

#Love-Message 6. You are closer that my friends and even my kin

Without you, so much trouble I would have been in

I am your king and forever you my queen

If our love is a faculty, you will ever remain the dean!

#Love-Message 7. No one else could make me feel better and happier like the way you do. And I want you to know that I will love you with every single breath in me. I love you, sweetheart.

#Love-Message 8. Looking at your glowing smiling face makes my dark day bright and beautiful. I love you more than love itself.

#Love-Message 9. Your heart has loved me so much

And I have chosen to love in return

It’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well

Cuz if I give you my all, it just won’t be enough.

I love you because.

#Love-Message 10. Boundless is how it’s been so far

Closer you’ve ever been, you’re never far

You have changed my thought about life

And I am just so glad that I met you,

Even though I didn’t see this coming.

I love you.

Deep Love Messages

#Love-Message 11. Whenever I'm sad and depressed, you always make me feel better and put a smile on my face. I'm happy to have you and I love you to the moon and back.

#Love-Message 12. As long as you are a love celebrity i will be your emotional fan

No matter what you give, I will give you more than

Others may be outdated but our love is modern

And loving you forever, that will be my daily concern.

#Love-Message 13. Loving you outweighs reality

And I choose that over any social amenity

When you wrong me, I'll give you immunity

And our love will be till eternity.

#Love-Message 14. Like I can't imagine how the earth will

be without the rain from above

So I can't imagine how my life will be

without your love.

#Love-Message 15. Nothing seems or feels great than knowing you

When I think of my future, I'm always

glad it's going to be with you.

#Love-Message 16. You take away my depression, dejection, and rejection with your unconditional love. I love you more than you know.

#Love-Message 17. A wonderful world is a world with you inside; an awesome day is a day spent with you and a beautiful life is a life with you, my love. I love you tenderly.

#Love-Message 18. You've got all that I need in a woman and I will forever love and adore you with every single breath in me. I love you so much, Darling.

#Love-Message 19. Since there is no good hay without the sunshine,

If there is no you I can never be fine.

There is no better source of joy than your love,

I need you to survive my heart and my love.

#Love-Message 20. Like there is no today without tomorrow,

There is never going to be me without you.

Without you my life is nothing but rhythms of sorrow,

Then to survive without you is the last thing I can do

Touching Love Messages

#Love-Message 21. I have seen how magical falling in love can be

And I just sigh seeing it happening to me for real

Your love is so boundless, it has no start and no end

I am so lucky to have found you, I can’t just pretend!

I love you.

#Love-Message 22. Roses might choose to be red as violets turn red

The day might choose to be sunless, as night turns day

I am never concerned as long as your love is true.

You are all I ever wanted, you are all I’ll ever need.

I love you so much, that’s all I can say.

#Love-Message 23. Your love is the centre of my life

Nothing ever can be closer

Your care is the pillar of my joy

And nothing can just come closer.

I love you so much.

#Love-Message 24. I've started this journey and paid the fare of love. Now I've got a glimpse of where it will lead so I'm loving you forever, baby.

#Love-Message 25. I stopped my search when I found you. Of course, I found all I've desired all my life. Now I proclaim you the perfect match for me. I love you.

#Love-Message 26. You have proven to be true,

Yet your person has not changed for the worse.

You have loved me beyond my desire.

I will love you forever, too.

#Love-Message 27. For some people, love is spelt L-O-V-E, But for me, it is spelt Y-O-U. It's because I have searched around and all I could find was nothing is as lovely as you are.

#Love-Message 28. You are the one, forever, that I am loving.

As long as I can breathe and I am living.

Forever will I stick with you baby, I am not leaving,

For you are the source of my joy and hope for living.

I love you.

#Love-Message 29. Your love sticks to me more than the cloth I wear

If I'm not in your love, I'm no where

Being without you is like plying a road that leads no where

Dear, anywhere you are, I promise to be there.

#Love-Message 30. I've seen romantic love but yours is the most romantic

I've seen cool love but yours is the coolest

I've seen cute love but yours is the cutest

Out of all the best, in my heart you remain the very best

And closer is your love to me than my heart to my chest.

Hope you love this collection of love messages you can send to light up your partner's heart.

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