Top 50 Islands in the World

List of Islands, Top 50 Isle or Island in the world from Topify. Call it Island or Isle, we all know it is a tract of land completely surrounded by water, and not large enough to be called a continent. However, in this article we shall be listing out the top fifty Island all over the world based on its geographical area. Meanwhile, all measurements are approximate to nearest thousand.

The earth is blessed with lovely things, not excluding Islands too. Based on the Geographical Data at hand, we've come out with the following list of Islands across the globe, the largest by the body of water in its area.

List of Islands, Top 50

IslandContinentBody of waterArea
(sq mi)
(sq km)
1 GreenlandNorth AmericaAtlantic Ocean840,0002,175,600
2 New GuineaOceaniaPacific Ocean305,000790,000
3 BorneoAsiaSouth China Sea285,000737,000
4 MadagascarAfricaIndian Ocean226,657587,040
5 BaffinNorth AmericaBaffin Bay196,000507,000
6 SumatraAsiaAndaman Sea164,000425,000
7 Honshu AsiaPacific Ocean88,000228,000
8 Great BritainEuropeNorth Sea84,400219,000
9 VictoriaNorth AmericaViscount Melville Sound83,900217,000
10 EllesmereNorth AmericaArctic Ocean75,800196,000
11 Sulawesi (Celebes)AsiaCelebes Sea67,400174,000
12 South Island (New Zealand)OceaniaPacific Ocean58,200151,000
13 JavaAsiaIndian Ocean50,000129,000
14 North Island (New Zealand)Oceania Pacific Ocean44,200114,000
15 NewfoundlandNorth AmericaAtlantic Ocean42,000109,000
16 CubaNorth AmericaCaribbean Sea40,500105,000
17 LuzonAsiaPacific Ocean40,400105,000
18 IcelandEuropeAtlantic Ocean39,769103,000
19 MindanaoAsiaPacific Ocean36,50094,600
20 IrelandEuropeAtlantic Ocean32,50084,100
21 HokkaidoAsiaPacific Ocean30,10078,000
22 SakhalinAsiaSea of Okhotsk29,50076,400
23 HispaniolaNorth AmericaAtlantic Ocean29,20075,600
24 BanksNorth AmericaArctic Ocean27,00070,000
25 Sri LankaAsiaIndian Ocean25,33265,610
26 TasmaniaAustraliaIndian Ocean24,90064,400
27 DevonNorth AmericaBaffin Bay21,30055,200
28 NovayaZemlya EuropeNorth Kara Sea18,90048,900
29 Grande de Tierra del FuegoSouth AmericaAtlantic Ocean18,70048,400
30 MarajoSouth AmericaAtlantic Ocean18,50048,000
31 AlexanderAntarcticaBellingshausen Sea16,70043,200
32 Axel HeibergNorth AmericaArctic Ocean16,70043,200
33 MelvilleNorth AmericaViscount Melville Sound16,30042,100
34 SouthamptonNorth AmericaHusdon Bay15,90041,200
35 West SpitsbergenEuropeArctic Ocean15,30039,500
36 New BritainOceaniaBismarck Sea14,60037,800
37 TaiwanAsiaPacific Ocean13,89235,980
38 KyushuAsiaPacific Ocean13,80035,700
39 HainanAsiaSouth China Sea13,10034,000
40 Prince of WalesNorth AmericaViscount Melville Sound12,90033,300
41 Novaya ZemlyaEuropeBarents Sea12,80033,300
42 VancouverNorth AmericaPacific Ocean12,10031,300
43 TimorAsiaTimor Sea10,20026,300
44 SicilyEuropeMediterranean9,81025,400
45 SomersetNorth AmericaLancaster Sound9,57024,800
46 SardiniaEuropeMediterranean9,19023,800
47 BananalSouth AmericaAraguaia River7,72020,000
48 HalmaheraAsiaMolucca Sea6,95018,000
49 ShikokuAsiaPacific Ocean6,86017,800
50 CeramAsiaBanda Sea6,62017,200


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