Top 10 Habits of An Unsuccessful Blogger (Stop Them All)

Habits of An Unsuccessful Blogger

What are the mistakes most bloggers did or are doing? Question you might ask yourself. Well, with the alarming number of youths attracted to blogging today poise a serious question of why is it that only a few are making it big. No doubt about it, farmers believe money is in the forest; when bloggers too believe money is online. Minutes ticking, impression is accumulating; clicks are piling, the Blogger is billing.

In the off chance, when one thinks about blogging it seems it is one god-send way to enrich youth [mostly], but that could not be the truth of 'tha' matter most times. Success stories are shared all across the 'the net', successful bloggers now is even a search engine keyword on their own - Oh My God! That sounds supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, init? But there is this true thing behind it which they won't tell you - hardwork. Please is hardworking easy to come by? And yet, they keep enjoying what they are doing [maybe with stress before but now] without stress.

Taking the subject on course, "Habits of an Unsuccessful Blogger" or twisted to "Reasons Why You Can't Make A Good Blogger". Not everyone will be successful in one particular endeavour but there are some who SHALL definitely no make it in a particular endeavour. So also is blogging as a service, blogging as a business, blogging as a career, blogging as a pro?... Yes na, as a profession. On this note will I be treating the top mistakes and most committed errors young bloggers did that actually outsmart their chance[s] to be successful.

Bad Blogging Habits

Reasons Why You Can't Make A Good Blogger

Are you still there? Fine, below are the top habit of an unsuccessful blogger. The more reason why you won't be making a good Blogger

You are in Haste

Clap for yourself, you have taken a brave step to becoming successful but firstly: Are you not rushing? I think this is the root or maybe flaw contributing to a blogger's downfall, hastiness. In other words, impatience and eagerness to reach the peak at no time. This is the age when young fresh bloggers will launch their blogging platform and start to compare his or her services to other successful bloggers he might have gain morale from. He or she don't know that there are serious bad time stories behind their so called success. If you are the type you believe you can wait for your time, my dear I'm sorry blogging is not for you. Though, you possess everything you might need to compete at high level, yet "Rome Wasn't built in a Day".

No Plan, No Strategy?

Plan a good marketing strategy to get much out of the planned plans. You can't imagine a friend of mine using different domain name each year because he his in haste and has no longterm plan. Subject to the above stated, plan no short term if you want to be successful in blogging as a career, as a business, as source of living, etc. Strategise what you want, what you will be focusing, your niche/brand, set your goals and implement it.

Lazy Copycat

Copycats, how far! Because you are hasty, you don't have plans, then there are chances of you copying content around which will definitely kill your brand. Do you know there are some authors out there which had their original content copyrighted to them, the more you copy, the more your chances of failing. It's nice that you want to get post consistently, but through intensive planning and hardwork you are almost flying high.

Too Profit Minded

Oh Jeez! That is the drive, I mean that is the zest, as in "the real thingy" - Money making. (Smiles) See, larger percentage of bloggers nowadays are into it because of income. Imagine a music artiste adopting blogging and dropping singing for Blogging, the rhetorical question there is "what does he/she wants?. Truth be told, if your main objective is to make money and you're totally blindfolded with the income you want to be gaining, trust me you will be lost along the way. My dear, blog your passion and see the result conveniently.

Unfocused content

What else do you expect? When you're in haste to reach the peak, when you have no longterm plan as to what your goal is, when you're a Copycat, and when you're too income-oriented. You will probably loose track on what you are doing, you will be ubiquitous in all things. Your content will now be jam-packed trash. Unfocused content.

Black-hat Tricks

Should I even write on this? When you manifest the above traits as a Blogger, then your scapegrace will be to implement Black-hat Tricks, such as: buying less quality backlinks, spamming other blog with your link, purchasing expired domain with high backlinks (and yet, even get off track in no time), and so on as to fool search engine for reputation but unfortunately it won't work. Gbam, Bombshell!

Trial and Error

That's it, you became too experimental because you haven't plan right from the onset. Take for instance, Geo-tagging in Google search appearance method. Today, you target audience in USA, after two weeks you see you ain't getting much traffic from USA, you change it to Nigeria. My friend, Search engines will not tell you to stop disturbing them. All they know is that you are prolonging the period for you to settle and target a specific audience and make potent sale when you are ripe and has reputation. Stop trial and error, do research and plan longterm. There is always a place for you and your blog at the top.

SEOtic Miracle Minded

Subjected to the above outlined, believing much in SEOtic Miracles and wonders from search engines. Huh! You did optimised your blog to the fullest and you try no further to drive traffic to your blog, you are still gonna miss out in the making. Don't rely much on Search Engine, do yourself a favour. is the best example of this, they are rated Tenth most visited website in Nigeria by Alexa Ranking and the amazing thing is that their search visit is 6%, goddamn. How possible? You are asking me, well don't rely on SEO.

Poor Social Networking

Yet again, you have no means of integrating social networks, meanwhile where does the awareness comes from? Heaven anyway. No interaction, no linking in from social media, no reputation survey scheme based on user experience online and off your blog. Hello, you're still lagging behind in the making.

Freebies Lovers

And lastly, it is only the unsuccessful bloggers that always want everything free of charge. Bunch of freemium beneficiary, read this line well, you are not ready to be successful in blogging. You can't expect excellent services to be delivered free of charge, and for your blog to be outstanding you need excellent services from outsider. You can't provide all you want all by yourself. Or can you? Meaning you still not gonna be successful with that habit (Yes, I mean it, come and beat me). Lol! And that caps it all for Habits of an Unsuccessful Blogger.


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